Together We Unite

24 Mar 2020
On 16th March 2020 evening, Prime Minister, Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri Dato Muhyiddin Yassin announced national Movement Control Order (MCO) to control and ''flatten the curve'' due to the outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Since the virus was first discovered in China province Hu Bei, Wu Han City, it has caused an economy down fall globally and many economist predicts, ''The Worst Is Yet To Come''. Till date, fellow Malaysians are facing the same issue nationally. With the implement of MCO, BSH Group Of Companies is taking all the precaution meassure to ensure all employess Stay At Home and stay healthy.  

We encorage all parties to always wash your hands, wear a face mask and avoid hands touching your face, esprcially Eyes, Nose and Mouth. 

Dear Malaysian, while we all face a long road ahead, we sure this period will go down in history as a true testament of the Malaysian spirit. Remember, our forefathers fought for Malaysia to be our nation, to be free. Now it’s our turn to make sure our nation stays safe. Let’s ensure our children and grandchildren get a brighter future, free of Covid-19.

Break the chain. Flatten the curve. Together we can do something. 

Stay safe, stay home and most importantly stay strong.

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