CIF Power & Shine Bathroom Cleaner (6 X 700ML)


CIF Power & Shine Bathroom Cleaner (6 X 700ML)

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CIF Bathroom  Cleaner effectively cleans bathroom dirt. 
The fast acting versatile  formula is a 
• Soap scum & lime scale remover 
• Streak-free and shine agent 
• Powerful deep-cleaner
Key Benefits 
• Cleans and descales 
• Sparkling results 
• Safe on chrome and stainless steel
With lift action technology that makes your surfaces water and dirt repellent
WHAT –Types of Stains Formulated to effectively lift away 100% of: 
• Tough soap scum 
• Limescale 
• Watermarks
WHERE –Areas of Application 
• Ceramic 
• Chrome 
• Enamel • Plastic 
• Stainless steel 
Instruction for use: 
• Spray onto surface 
• Leave for a few seconds 
• Wipe with cloth 
• For tough dirt leave for a minute before wiping
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